Issue 158 14 July 2011

With the increasing technological sophistication of vehicles, it's sometimes easy to overlook the basics. In this week's Product Focus, we look at what is arguably the most fundamental aspect of any vehicle - wheels and tyres.

TreadReader improves tyre management

TreadReader is a 3D laser measurement tool for improving commercial tyre management - reducing fleet fuel, tyre and breakdown costs, cutting CO2 emissions and enhancing road safety. TreadReader replaces manual tyre inspection using tread depth gauges and is available as a hand-held scanner or a fully automatic drive over ramp.

The unique technology scans an area of the tyre to reliably measure tread depth to <0.2mm accuracy and diagnose the tyre wear condition. Continuous monitoring of tyre wear is essential to maximise tyre lifetime and minimise fuel consumption, because as a tyre wears, its rolling resistance reduces by approximately 1/3. Field trials for a fleet of 50 tractor units show potential fuel and tyre savings of over 110,000 pa based on a 3mm tyre replacement policy.

Proven Protection Against Wheel Loss

Losing a wheel could damage rims, wheel nuts, hubs, tyres and chassis parts. There's also the interruption to your daily routine and the effect on your reputation to consider. These matters are all costly, but did you know that wheel loss is a reportable incident resulting in investigation and a possible fine? Worse, the chance of injury or loss of life.

The answer to the problem comes in a simple yet innovative solution from Parma Industries. Low cost Prolock clamps can be easily fitted over adjacent pairs of wheel nuts, thus preventing detachment in the event of loss of clamping force. Prolocks have an established track record for reliability in Europe for over 20 years and are fitted by major fleets in the UK.

Don't lose a wheel - Fit Prolock

1st Choice for Wheel Trims

Image and vehicle presentation are key elements to success in a challenging business environment. Simply fitting eye-catching stainless steel wheel trims does wonders for your vehicle's appearance and sets you apart as a company that cares. .

Parma Industries import and stock a wide range of excellent stainless steel trims for Trucks, Vans, Buses and Coaches. From 16" through to 24.5", we have a style to suit most vehicles backed up with sound product knowledge, friendly and courteous service and prompt delivery.

Make us your first choice: take the first step now by clicking on the button to visit our website. You can view the wheel trim section of our catalogue online, or contact us for a hard copy.

Ask the Michelin Man

Michelin is inviting road transport operators with fleets of up to 15 vehicles to join the 'Ask the Michelin Man' online newsletter. This is an online service set-up to deliver added value for smaller fleets.

The initiative is free of charge and available to fleets across the UK and Ireland, whatever their tyre policy. Companies signing up will receive a monthly email alert that will lead to the e-newsletter that is packed with tyre management advice, fuel-saving tips, competitions, event information and exclusive promotions on Michelin Group tyres and tyre services. It also provides a forum for fleet owners, transport managers and owner-drivers to contact Michelin directly with any truck tyre related issues they may have.

Checkpoint - the Commercial Vehicle Loose Wheel Nut Indicator

Checkpoint is a loose wheel nut indicator that is used extensively by the transport industry as a best practice procedure to detect the possible loosening of wheel nuts on commercial vehicles. Together with daily walk-round inspections, defect reporting and scheduled maintenance requirements, its use allows accurate monitoring of wheel nuts and helps prevent wheel hub damage or wheel detachment.

To complement Checkpoint, we also offer a variety of other wheel nut safety products, including:

  • Checktag® Wheel Nut Retorque Indicators with Data Label
  • Dustite® Commercial Vehicle Wheel Nut Dust Cap Indicators
  • Dustite LR® A Dustite variant for use on wheel rims fitted with a trim
  • Checklink® Wheel Nut Retainer Link
  • Safewheel® Complete wheel nut retaining ring - covering all studs on the wheel
  • Checklock® Stainless Spring Steel Wheelnut Retainer

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