Issue 458   18 January 2018

FuelDefends PREMIUM Floating Ball
Valve Anti-Siphon Device
"For the Traditionalist"

Unique SecureRing
Fits major Euro & USA models
Over 1 million sold

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Fuel Tank Alarm Via SMS!

TankGuard Fuel Alarm With 30 Second SMS Alert

TankGuard is the latest product to protect truck diesel from theft.

TankGuard will alarm once the fuel cap is removed or an intruder tampers with the truck fuel tank. The Truck Fuel Tank Alarm has a sophisticated sensor fitted externally in a discreet location on the outside of the fuel tank. If thieves attempt to remove a Fuel Cap, remove the sender unit or in any way attack the tank then the Tank Guard alarm will be activated.

With the option of an SMS notification of up to 5 phones, diesel theft can be responded to within 30 seconds of a diesel theft attempt.

aide automotive offer onsite installation of the Fuel Tank Alarm at the customer convenience.


J W Products - Sealing the Future Secure by Design

J W Products provide a one-stop, single source for the UK's most comprehensive range of Security Seal products, together with a new extensive range of Stemco Hubodometers.

The company has established an enviable reputation as a reliable source of quality Security Seals from disposable plastic seals to the E-LOCK electronic vehicle seal.

J W Product's range includes Plastic & Metal Ring Seals for Vehicle Doors, Pull Tight Seals, ISO17712/C-TPAT Container Bolt Seals, Alulock Cable Seals, Fire Extinguisher Seals, Non Residue Security Labels for Van doors, Security Bags & Pouches, Security Tapes and Stemco Hubodometers.

If you are involved in the Secure Transportation of Goods by Land, Sea or Air and require Tamper Evident Security Seals then we are sure to have the solution to your Security Seal requirements.

Our range of Security Seals is used throughout the world by leading freight and shipping organisations. Our Tamper Evident Seal products are accepted by EU, UK, and US Customs.

The New Improved TP Anti Syphon
Gets Stronger!

TP Anti Syph, probably the best anti-siphon device range is in the world. "With today's high fuel price an anti-siphon costing as little as 65.00 is a sound investment for any CV operator.

The TP Anti Siphon is highly effective, it is easy to fit, has no moving parts, and, critically, can cope with filling speeds of up to 120 ltr/min without splashback.

Maintenance free & can be re-fitted in new vehicles.

aide automotive also offer a Retro Fit Diesel Fuel Spills Valve For the TP Anti Syph.

TP Spill Valve is a retro fit spill valve to stop diesel spillages. Easy to fit and ideal as an environmental proactive measurement.

Devices come with a one-year warranty, but should last as long as the vehicle as they have no moving parts.

For a fleet quote on the Improved Truck Anti Siphon please call 0115 8456471 or email

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