Issue 429
1 June 2017


Smart Tachograph Giving More Transparency In The Cockpit

Over time the digital tachograph has become more intelligent, and from mid-2019 several new features will be mandatory for all newly registered in-scope vehicles.

The standardised optional ITS interface also provides full support for fleet management solutions.

Drivers will find Drivers Hours Regulations compliance much easier, with data as dispayed on their smartphones.

The new technology will allow:
• Positional data monitoring via global navigational
  satellite system.
• Roadside inspection officers to wirelessly read
  out a dataset from the digital tachograph of
  passing vehicles, to enable non-compliant
  vehicles to be stopped and checked.
  Companies and drivers who comply with all the
  legal regulations can expect fewer roadside
• New driver cards for digital tachographs,
  incorporating a new encryption technique.
  The new cards will be compatible with older
• Enhanced protection of driver personal data,
  which may only be transmitted from a vehicle if
  the driver has consented to this action.


Take control of your tachograph analysis with Tachomaster

Tachomaster analyses your tachographs in seconds, regardless of the size of your fleet. There is no term of usage contract, so you can opt out at any time. Since it was launched in 2006 Tachomaster has analysed over 100.000,000 cards, charts and vehicle downloads, making it the undisputed market leader.

Tachomaster improves your compliance and offers you greater control of your two most expensive assets, your Drivers and your Vehicles.

Core Benefits
• £1 per driver per week
• View analysis in seconds
• Includes WTD analysis
• Numerous calendar tools
• FREE mobile worker app
• CPC/DQC management
• Unrivalled management information
• Manage your drivers with the FREE Driver
  Compliance Reporting System
• Integration with Falcon Tracking or other
  leading telematics systems
• Tachomaster LIVE, real-time connection
  to the tachograph*
• Remote Vehicle Downloading*
• Road Tech software integration

Reduce your infringements by 60% with Duo Technology

Fewer infringements, extra driving time, more reasons to choose the SE5000 Exakt Duo2

With Duo Technology built in, the SE5000 Exakt Duo2 tachograph gives drivers real-time updates on drive and rest times. This means an average 60% reduction in driver infringements. Countdowns on drive and rest times, plus warnings when nearing driving limits help to:

• Avoid costly fines and stay legal
• Optimise time on the road
• Keep the Operator Compliance Risk Score

The SE5000 Exakt Duo2 is the Scania, DAF and MAN tachograph of choice, it’s the Daimler branded tachograph, and with 2 free Smartphone apps for viewing and downloading data, now there are even more reasons to choose the SE5000 Exakt Duo2.

For more information on how you can benefit visit:

It’s called Smart Compliance for a reason.

Descartes’ SmartCompliance solutions will save you time, money and potential headaches in managing your compliance. It includes Smartanalysis, tachograph analysis, SmartLicence, driving licence verification with DVLA and now provides Driver CPC validation giving you a single platform for managing compliance and providing Earned Recognition tachograph KPIs. It is quick and easy to get started and includes powerful tools, extensive reports and automatic email alerts to issues that may need immediate attention.

• Tachograph analysis, driving licence and CPC
• Web based, quick and easy to get started
• Cost-effective - PAYG
• Automated email alerts to issues that need
  immediate attention
• Extensive reporting
• Earned Recognition KPIs

Email: to find out more.

Save 10% on all your tachograph supplies in our online shop using voucher code smart1 at the checkout. Free and fast delivery in the UK on all orders of £100 or more.

TachoTek Driver Card Solution has been developed to support both road haulage and passenger transport companies in managing the downloading of driver cards and digital tachograph data storage. Two versions are available.

Driver Card Edition

Designed for owner drivers and small fleet operators. Kit includes:

• Card reader that automatically reads driver cards
• Detailed display of all driver card data and vehicle activities
• Infringement report for previous 28 calendar days

Company Edition

Designed for fleet operators of all sizes which also includes:

• Multiple depots/branch management of drivers and vehicles
•A comprehensive range of reports designed to assist the operator

A simple to use, stand-alone solution with no annual licence fee

Download now for your 30 day free trial

"Very impressed with the TachoTEK system and I wish we had a system which was just as user friendly!" -DVSA

Own a SHERPA TWIN Brake Tester or BM14200?

STONERIDGE DVSA Approved “Dual Lane Concept” from GEMCO

Single Lane Brake Testing and Calibration made easy.
Top 10 reasons to choose the STONERIDGE Dual Lane Concept for your workshop;

1. Additional revenue stream from the same lane
2. Gives a high level of accuracy, reliability and
    increased efficiency
3. Uses the latest wireless technology
4. Optimo2 has a large 11" touch screen providing
    easy navigation
5. Quick Tachograph calibration
6. Designed with the user in mind the Optimo2
    comes available in 18 languages
7. Laser fitted in thick steel casing to protect from
8. Uses a laser detector to verify the driven wheel
9. The easy to use tool incorporates wireless
    functionality, tachograph programming &
    calibration, product application data, the ability to
    configure an SE5000 or 1381 and more.
10. Focusing on speed and ease of use Optimo2
    provides wireless calibration of all radio style
   tachographs and allows users the option to
    switch the 2nd source of motion function on/off
    in SE5000 tachographs and VDO variants

 ClockWatcher elite
– Tachograph Analysis

With a clear focus on integration, this software offering from Aquarius IT allows all of your related data to be viewed and managed in one place:

• Tachograph Analysis – with the same reliable
  rules engine for Drivers Hours’ Law and Road
   Transport Directive
• Vehicle Defect Checking – Walk Around checks on
   mobile devices
• Digital Signature Capture – Debriefing drivers and
  capturing signatures on infringement
  documentation via touch screen tablets and PCs
• Camera & Tracking – access to our integrated
   telematics solution
• DVLA Licence Checks – ensure that driver’s
  licences are valid
• POD – a simple Proof of Delivery Solution
   supplementary to a job booking system
• Time & Attendance – the ability to log staff in and
   out of work and manage shift patterns

Call the team on 0330 333 8789 for more information


8 Jun Wheel Alignment
15 Jun
Fuel Cards & Fuel Purchase
22 Jun Braking Systems & Components

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