Issue 226 21 February 2013

Quick and easy wheel alignment
…so you can do it yourself

Correct wheel alignment saves up to 10% on fuel costs and increases tyre life as much as 25%.  It also improves ride and driver comfort.

Haweka systems are user-friendly so you can easily ‘do it yourself’.  They enable you to measure and align wheels quickly and accurately using the following features:

  • No lifting is needed,  as the vehicle is driven onto turn plates
  • Accurate - all measurements are taken in the driving position
  • Quick – laser heads are magnetically mounted and a quick clamping device is used for alloy rims
  • Accurate measurement of toe, camber, caster, KPI and axle offset

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Lasalign -
Wheel Alignment Specialists

Nationwide mobile fleet of trained engineers

For too long, most, if not all vehicles have suffered excessive wear on the Near Side Front Tyre, and Twin Steer vehicles seem to have unexplainable wear patterns on all four tyres. With the skill of our Highly Trained Engineers and the most up-to-date JOSAM LASER WHEEL ALIGNMENT EQUIPMENT we can vastly reduce, and in most cases eliminate these unacceptable tyre wear problems.

Improved fuel economy -
Correct wheel alignment can typically save a minimum of 2% on fuel economy.

Tyre wear -
Can extend tyre life by over 20% and improve vehicle handling.

Safety -
Misaligned wheels can cause vehicles to veer dramatically, increasing fatigue on both driver and vehicle components.

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