Issue 444 14 September 2017

Europe's Biggest Supplier of Aftermarket Proximity Systems

Time is money
Our unique rear camera system can be installed in under an hour to both rigid and articulated vehicles, meaning less time off the road.

Patent pending
The technology utilised by our cameras, AVT (Advanced Video Technology) is unique to Xvision, no other company can offer these benefits.

Best of British
Designed and manufactured in the UK, by a wholly British owned company.

Universally compatible
For entire fleets. Any tractor unit can be coupled to any trailer, no extra suzies required.

Keep your
at all times?

Increasing safety is a priority for all fleets.

We offer an active safety solution that:

  • Increases safety for people and objects
  • Reduces damage and downtime
  • Is effective in poor weather conditions and darkness

Contact us to find out how our solutions can drive your competitiveness.

Astra ClearView
Low level passenger side window

Reduce blind spots for a safer way to drive in the urban jungle

• Unique concept developed by Astra
• The only retrofit low level window product that  
  allows the main passenger window to remain
  fully operational
• Secure, fully bonded e43 marked, automotive
  standard, toughened glass
• Large low level window area, vented to aid
• All Euro 6 makes & models

First call for specialist vehicle engineering
(Chassis modification & Vehicle Conversions)


Amber valley leads the way in blind spot elimination.

Indicator Alarmalight

The ultimate audible and visual warning system. Triggered by the indicator it warns the pedestrian or cyclist of the potential dangers.

Mutes with hazard lights to avoid confusion.
½ volume at night to avoid noise pollution.

Also available is our speed module to switch the unit off over a pre-determined speed. This unit is being trialled by many blue ship companies where fleet safety is a high priority and has been specified by many fleets after successful trials.

For more information please contact Amber Valley - 0116 2402968 

Truck Blind Spot Lens

Truck Fresnel Lens

Due to a blind spot, drivers of trucks cannot see smaller vehicles or other vulnerable road users which are immediately next to the passenger side door of their HGV. These unseen road users can be hit if the truck changes lane in their direction.

DVSA says, “Even the latest HGVs with a full complement of six mirrors, in compliance with the latest EU directive, still have blind spots to the passenger side which are large enough to hide a family saloon car. The solution is to fit a special Fresnel lens.”

Fresnel lenses are now accepted as a very important visual safety aid for HGV drivers and so organisations such as Transport for London and Crossrail insist that trucks are fitted with lenses before being allowed to undertake transportation work on busy urban roads.

  21 Sep Vehicle & Trailer Tracking
28 Sep Vehicle Washing
5 Oct Batteries & Power Management

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