Issue 67 13 August 2009

Tyre punctures can pose a real logistical nightmare for drivers and fleet operators, causing frequent delays and requiring costly call-outs, repairs and replacements. Today’s Truck & Bus Product Focus homes in on puncture prevention. For more information on the featured product, click the logo or image.

Technology in Tyres

Punctureseal is a unique liquid tyre sealant that continuously stands on guard to protect tyres against air loss for the tyres' legal tread life. Researched and developed over 45 years, Punctureseal helps protect hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide from punctures and the costs inevitably associated with them. 

How does it work?

When a tyre is punctured, Punctureseal is forced against the puncturing object, or into the wound it leaves. Special fibres entwine forming a clot, which is forced well into and through the wound by the tyre’s inner air pressure.

When exposed to outside air, Punctureseal’s chemical curing process causes the seal to harden, becoming impervious to water (rain, snow, mud etc), and protecting the inner casing and steel belts by preventing outside contaminants from leaching into the wound. 

Key Features

- Effective at high speeds and temperatures
- Inhibits rust and corrosion 
- Will not mask or hide dangerous wounds
- No need to deflate tyres to add Punctureseal
- Tracking dye to identify punctures
- Reduces need for backup vehicles
- Does not void manufacturer's tyre warranties 

- Seals punctures caused by objects up to 6.3mm
  (1/4 inch) on road vehicles
- Guards against flats and blowouts 
- Extends tyre life; maintains optimum tyre pressure
- Conditions casing, retarding, ageing and dry rot
- Improves fuel mileage and saves £££s

Tried & Tested

Current users include city councils, police forces, armed forces, large and small transport operators, waste management companies, taxi and private hire firms, van-based businesses, motorcyclists, and many thousands of the motoring public. A special heavy-duty formula, suitable for plant and construction machinery and other off-road vehicles, is also available.

For more information on Punctureseal, please visit the website.


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