Issue 457   11 January 2018

Mounty Applicator - Position Straps on Loads from Ground Level

A multi-use tool designed for several functions. Places edge protectors and retrieves, untwists and salvages lashing straps. Above all, the Mounty Applicator avoids driver's working at height on ladders, platforms or scrambling across loads.

Mounty Applicators used with the Mounty Pole provide safe placement for edge protectors at up to 4.2 metres above ground level and thus remove the risk of falling from height. They also speed up loading times thus improving productivity (and profit!).

This tool, compliant with H&SE regulations and DVSA enforcement, saves lives and considerably reduces the risk of injury to company personnel and the general public thus reducing insurance premiums and damage to vehicles and products.

Click below to see the Mounty Applicator in action.


Ratchet Straps and Edge Protectors

After 25 years in the load restraint industry, GTF's experience in the manufacture and supply of ratchet straps, lifting slings, corner protectors and other aspects of cargo restraint give it an edge on the competition.

Particular emphasis is given to edge protection where GTF's own products are improved. Edge protectors don't just protect delicate cargo but spread lashing loads and locate straps positively for secure transport. Apart from GTF's high volume CP100 general cargo protector and its CP60 designed specifically for paper products, its CP800 model completes a range meeting almost every situation right up to palletised bricks and abrasive loads.

The GTF website shows other products designed to help load security, speed up loading and to keep you compliant with legislation and the DVSA.

Pallet Truck Restraint Lock

The Pallet Truck Locking system “Lee Lock”, addresses a fairly widespread health and safety issue.

The Lee Lock pallet truck restraint is designed to lock the pallet truck in place at all times, hence reducing any chance of the truck slamming into other pallets, slashing the curtain side and as the pallet truck slots into the lock there’s no chance of any back injury from lifting.

  • Prevents Curtain Tears & Damage

  • Prevents Goods In Transit Damage

  • Employee Injury Prevention

  • Secures Load While in Transit

aide automotive has seen more and more companies review the Pallet Truck Restrainer Lee Lock in the last two years, with the ideal time to fit the lock at a trailer build many companies use a body builder to add the Pallet Truck Lock to a trailer or rigid truck.

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