Issue 448 12 October 2017

Truck-Lite model 900; a rear lamp with innovation and style

The model 900 is the newest addition to the Truck-Lite range of full LED rear lamps. With its three dimensional shape, homogenous light pattern and patented progressive direction indicator, the model 900 is a revolutionary design with unique visual features that improve visibility and safety on the road.

Coupled with great visual appeal, the lamp has fully integrated intelligence capabilities that eliminate the need for an additional black box monitoring unit and means this lamp not only looks good but is practical and widely compatible thanks to the additional take-offs integrated into the lamp.

Furthermore, the model 900 can aid parking and reversing with proximity sensing capabilities in the stalk*.


Philips Truck Lighting

24V Halogen solutions

No other lamps even come close. Philips MasterLife is the longest lasting 24V lamp on the market, outperforming all the competition while keeping your bus or truck on the road longer! Discover MasterDuty and MasterDuty BlueVision, delivering maximum vibration resistance and ultimate style!

Truck Xenon solutions

Discover the fully redesigned xenon range from Philips, the #1 consumer choice for xenon lighting and an increasingly popular option for fleets. The expanded xenon range offers even more light on the road to satisfy the most demanding driver, while maintaining its high OE quality and performance. Where safety and style is a must.

24V signaling and interior lamps

Philips 24V signaling and interior lamps offer a wide range of lighting solutions - standard or LED - for your truck, bus or heavy-duty vehicle. From front, side or rear indicator lights to stop, fog, and license plate lights, Philips has the quality solution for optimum performance, longevity and durability, to help minimise costly down-time.

Or contact Philips specialist 24V distributor : PSV Transport Systems Limited, 01992 479950. or email


The Lucas Automotive Bulb range from Elta Automotive consists of over 600 references covering cars, motorcycles, light and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. All are manufactured to the meticulous standards to ensure both high performance and reliability; minimising vehicle downtime and maintenance costs.

Lucas bulbs are instantly recognisable as a brand you can trust, with a heritage dating back to the earliest vehicles on UK roads. The range has been continually developed over the years to remain at the forefront of technology.

A range of counter top and wall mounted point of sale displays are available to support the range including the Lucas ZMB258 wall display; one of the most popular in the industry and ships complete with 200 of the most common 24v commercial vehicle bulbs.

For more information contact Lucas Electrical Licensee, Elta Automotive on 01675 466999 or email

  19 Oct Workshop Premises
26 Oct Fume Extraction Systems
2 Nov Workshop Mobile Column Lifts

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