Issue 450 26 October 2017

Exhaust extraction... and more

Nederman supply a complete range of exhaust extraction nozzles, hoses, self-retracting reels and rails to capture exhaust fumes at source to help create clean, safe, productive workplaces. Exhaust emissions pose a serious health risk; seven compounds are “suspected human carcinogens” whilst carbon monoxide, nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide are “acutely toxic”.

Nederman’s in-house projects division designs systems that are optimised for purpose, cost-effective, easy to use and fully supported. Specialist solutions are available for emergency vehicles and vehicles in motion too.

Nederman’s growing automotive range now covers self-retracting hose and cable reels, dust and fume extraction, general cleaning and lubrication.

To view details of special offers on selected reels click here or email Nederman.

Exhaust Filters –
A practical alternative to fixed extraction

Vehicle exhaust fumes are still a hazardous problem even with modern engines. Even vehicles fitted with exhaust filters as standard emit the damaging ultrafine particles.

These particles travel further into the respiratory tract taking with them the carcinogenic substances associated with health problems. EHC filters can trap and contain many of these particles.

Benefits of using filters include –

 • Cost effectiveness
 • Available to fit most vehicles and machines
 • Practical to use and truly portable
 • Can be used on diesel and petrol engines
 • Prolongs building decoration life

Catalyser and wall flow filters are also available. Catalysers available for LPG engines.

For further information contact us here

Exhaust Extraction Specialists…

Formed in 1967, Durnbury Ltd have been designing, supplying and installing Exhaust Fume Extraction Systems for over 40 years. A leading supplier to Government Bodies, MOD, Commercial Vehicle, Coach, Bus, Car and Motorcycle companies.

Our project surveyors will design a user friendly system at a cost-effective price!

Using our in-house engineers for installation, testing and certification to Coshh Regulations, our systems are of the highest quality. From motorcycles to heavy commercial vehicles Durnbury Ltd has the solution for you.

Durnbury Ltd also supply, install, service and repair:

  • Compressed Air Systems

  • Lubrication & Waste Oil Systems

  • Vehicle Lifts

  • Welding Fume/Dust Extraction

  • Vehicle Cleaning Equipment

  • LEV Testing, COSHH



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