Issue 427
18 May 2017

Introducing the world's first on-vehicle DPF & Emissions Service

 • Cleans the DPF
 • Restores performance
 • Improves fuel economy

Introducing the World’s First on-vehicle DPF & Emissions Service - the BG Air Intake and Emissions System Service. It cleans from the air intake, right through the engine to the DPF.

Because “Cleaning the DPF without restoring engine efficiency is like having a heart bypass and not changing your diet.”

The BG Approach is different - Other options only tackle the symptom of the blocked DPF itself. BG’s DPF & Emissions Cleaning System attacks the real problem - poor combustion and the consequence, soot build-up.

Results from a Frank Massey trial of the Service:

Before service: Approx 800 mbar pressure in DPF
After service: Approx 100 mbar pressure in DPF

Tel: 01284 777934 E:


Exhaust Filters –
A practical alternative to fixed extraction

Vehicle exhaust fumes are still a hazardous problem even with modern engines. Even vehicles fitted with exhaust filters as standard emit the damaging ultrafine particles.

These particles travel further into the respiratory tract taking with them the carcinogenic substances associated with health problems. EHC filters can trap and contain many of these particles.

Benefits of using filters include –

 • Cost effectiveness
 • Available to fit most vehicles and machines
 • Practical to use and truly portable
 • Can be used on diesel and petrol engines
 • Prolongs building decoration life

Catalyser and wall flow filters are also available. Catalysers available for LPG engines.

For further information contact us here

SHERPACOMBI Combined Emission Analyser

The SHERPACOMBI Combined Emission Analyser is a British built PC based unit suitable for petrol and diesel vehicles. Standard features include a wireless diesel smoke head and engine speed/temperature readings taken via the EOBD socket using the multi RPM module, cables to break or trip over are a thing of the past! Every MOT test is stored to memory for instant retrieval. A Wi-Fi enabled PC with flexibility to run your own programmes is supplied as standard and includes a CD Rom, 19 inch colour monitor, keyboard and mouse. Unlike many other products on the market – the PC also comes with a 3 year warranty!

• Every MOT test is stored to memory for instant
  retrieval and automatic print out of customer
  reminder letters.
• Wi-Fi enabled PC with flexibility to run own
  programmes, CD Rom, 19 inch colour monitor,
  keyboard mouse and printer.
• Fast nationwide on-site support by dedicated
  UKAS accredited engineers.
• 100% British Design & Manufacturing
• GEA & DVSA Approved

ASH: The Killer of DPFs

All DPFs fill up with Ash. These are the incombustible remains from fuel detonation, DPF regeneration, oil additives and engine wear metals.

Ash plugs harden over time and remain in DPFs until they are cleaned.

Routinely cleaning DPFs is an important aspect of vehicle maintenance for the following reasons:

• Significantly extend DPF service life
• Ensure correct DPF and exhaust function
• Drastically reduce the need for forced/static
  DPF regeneration
• Eradicate DPF-related vehicle downtime
• Optimise MPG

The Hartridge DPF300 Series enables fast and complete DPF maintenance. It also restores poorly performing and neglected DPFs back to their original operating specifications.

Visit our website for further information. Alternatively call on: 01280 825600 to discuss your DPF cleaning requirements.

Gas Analysers - Diesel Smoke Meters

New Premier Combi PC Based
Emission Tester

• Simple and fast to use
• Cable-less Smokehead as standard
• Automatic calibration
• VOSA approved 2008 class 4, 7, HGV, PSV, RPC, SVA &     Low Emission Zone

DS2XP Totally Cable-Less Range of Smokemeters

• Simple and fast to use
• Ideal for any diesel testing requirements
• Portable version available for road side and fleet testing
• VOSA approved 2008 class 4, 7, HGV, PSV, RPC, SVA &     Low Emission Zone

Premier Diagnostics Field Service and Calibration Team is fully accredited to provide calibration/repair and service with 24-hour response Monday to Friday across Premier range of products.


25 May Fuel Management
1 June Tachograph
8 June Wheel Alignment

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