Issue 462   15 February 2018

Air1 - a guaranteed supply of quality AdBlue

With Euro VI emission legislation well established it is now, more than ever, imperative that commercial vehicle operators understand the importance of quality AdBlue and the dangers using an un-licensed or sub-standard product can have to a vehicles SCR system.

Quality AdBlue, as produced by Yara and branded Air1, is directly produced from the urea manufacturing process. This urea solution is then diluted with processed demineralized water.

Supply to the UK is primarily from Yara’s Sluiskil plant, which is the world’s largest AdBlue production site in the world. You can therefore count on uninterrupted AdBlue supply and reliability from Air1’s distribution network.

In the UK, Yara works with their distribution network  to deliver to customers a reliable supply of AdBlue under the Air1 brand name. Key features of our supply chain include;

• 8 million litre product bulk storage in the UK
• Over 140 truck stop locations offering AdBlue from
  the pump
• 14 bulk tankers delivering product within the UK

Making the choice of Air1 means a guaranteed AdBlue UK supply and Air1 will always have the capacity to supply your AdBlue needs.

Call 01472 803725 or

Prevent Critical AdBlue
Contamination with
FDG’s BLUCaps!

• Stops contamination & sabotage
• Prevents vehicle down time
• Stops risk of theft
• Individual and keyed-alike available
• High quality, non-corrodible Zamac metal
• Made in Europe ISO certified
• Rigorous salt, temp & fluids testing

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Be careful what you wish for – only buy AdBlue from a genuine supplier.

Downwards pressure is continuing to be applied on AdBlue® prices by purchasers treating it like a diesel purchase.  The primary objective being to buy AdBlue® as cheaply as possible, as always where there is a demand somebody will supply that demand.  This demand for cheap product is being picked up by cheap imported Urea claiming to be automotive grade, this is then blended into “AdBlue”.  This has created an opening for some new players to enter the UK market and take a punt on supplying cheap “AdBlue” often manufactured on farm yards. 

QUS has been manufacturing Urea solutions for over 25 years in the UK and has been supply AdBlue® since 2008.  QUS believes that when a purchasing decision is being made about AdBlue® the buyer needs to do there sums on the savings and risks faced. For example take a 44 Tonne HGV it would use about 1000Ltrs of AdBlue® a year.  The price we would charge for certified quality AdBlue® is about 2 pence per litre more expensive than some of the new market entrants. The potential saving of 2 pence per litre x 1000Ltrs equals a saving of £20 per year per HGV or £200 over the 10 year life of the vehicle.  The AdBlue® kit on the vehicle costs about £3,000 is that risk worth it?

Dispensing Solutions for AdBlue®

TECALEMIT are a premium manufacturer of workshop equipment that is rugged, reliable, easy to use and cost effective; who are proud of their "Made in Germany" heritage and offer a standard 2-year warranty on all their products.

The HORNET range, with the patented AdBlue® pump transfer system is a leader in today's industry. As the world's first self-priming hybrid pump, and an incredible price to performance ratio and a 20% higher flow rate than any other AdBlue® pump on the market.

With pumps and mobile units suitable for 200 litre drums and IBCs to all-in-one dispensing solutions with integrated fuel management specially developed for fleets, filling stations and resale applications- there's a TECALEMIT AdBlue® solution for you.

AdBlue®- closer to you

Top!Blue is a distinctive international brand with strong shareholder backing. As part of oil and gas giant Sinopec, Top Blue Ltd is a vertically integrated company and a fully controlled UK subsidiary of Sichuan Meifeng Chemical, a plc and one of the worlds largest manufacturers of Automotive Grade Urea (AGU), main chemical component in the manufacture of AdBlue®.

With thousands of tonnes of AGU in local stock, state-of-the-art production plants for AdBlue® scattered in strategic UK locations and one of the most efficient supply networks - our Customers and Distribution Partners can be assured of long term competitive pricing, security of supply and full traceability to ISO22241 – As a group we operate under license no. 0002246 from Verband der Automobilindustrie e. V. (aka VDA), API (USA) and GB 29518/2013 (China).

Our all-inclusive service in the UK comprises AdBlue®, its deliveries, and also the dispensing equipment and the service and financing of that equipment. Plus, with automated stock control, customers never need to worry about ordering again. We offer free Storage and Dispensing bulk tanks under 2 or 3 year product supply contracts. Please contact us to find out more if your monthly AdBlue requirements are 2,000 litres or more.


The Triscan Group supply an extensive range of AdBlue® tanks which are manufactured from a high quality plastic bund with sizes available from 1,350 litres to 15,000 litres.

Our equipment can be supplied with a submersible pump(s), a dispenser(s) and fuel monitoring equipment to suit individual site requirements.

All of our products are backed by Triscan’s extensive team of engineers who install our premium quality equipment which has been designed to effectively meet the requirements of those needing to comply with new emission standards for heavy duty diesel engines.

Used in conjunction with Odyssesy World™, the Apollo 2™ AdBlue monitoring system ensures that processes like granting drivers authorisation to access fuel, tracking fuel dispensed to each vehicle, managing inventories and recording fleet data is all as simple as filling up and driving away.

When the going gets tough
– Tuffa gets you going!

The UK’s leading AdBlue® bulk storage and dispensing tanks

• UK’s largest AdBlue® tank manufacturer
• Capacity from 1,350 - 15,000 litres
• Interlinking option for increased capacity
• Horizontal & vertical models
• Space saver models for limited space
• Premium quality equipment & accessories
• Bunded for secondary containment compliance
• Integral protection from leaking & overfilling
• Tuffa FMS combined high accuracy gauge and
   bund/overfill alarm unit fitted to all larger models
• Accessible ground level re-fuelling equipment
• Clean, safe, secure & fully lockable
• Manufactured to AUS32/DEF guidelines
• Free expert technical advice & support
• Excellent after sales & customer service
• Bespoke design, specification & custom moulding
• Full tank design & branding available
• Nationwide delivery

01889 567700

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